The Best Burnt Ends are in Long Island City

Burnt Ends - Overview

What: Burnt Ends from John Brown’s Smokehouse

Who: John Brown’s Smokehouse

Where: 10-43 44th Dr. Long Island City, NY 11101

How:  To BBQ connoisseurs, the best part of the cow is the brisket. To Kansas City BBQers, the best part of the brisket is the burnt ends. Burnt ends are the charred edges of the point of the brisket, packed with flavor from the bark and fattiness. Burnt ends are usually cut and returned to the smoker after the brisket is done cooking. This tenderizes the meat, renders the fat, and creates an incredible bark.

Why: There is always a click bait article that circles around stating that New York City is becoming this “mecca of meat” and “BBQ capital” of the United States. Personally, I don’t think NYC is there yet. I’ve always tended to think that NYC supply chains, shipping distances, and price points have made it impossible to create a comparative experience to BBQ in Austin, Memphis, or Kansas City. Eating these burnt ends made me think otherwise. A true BBQ experience is in New York City and it’s at John Brown’s Smokehouse.

Pro-Tip: 1/2 pound of Burnt Ends, 1/2 pound of Rib Tips, grab the mac and cheese or the fires on the side. Try not to fall asleep at the table. If you’re lucky, you’ll go on a day when they have pecan smoked chicken wings for a dollar.

Burnt Ends - CloseBurnt Ends - Close Bread FriesBurnt Ends - Fries RightBurnt Ends - Close Fries Right


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